Back to Routine

After yesterday’s doctor’s visit and subsequent quasi-terror, I went into a vaguely panic-driven cleaning and organizational frenzy. I’m not too fond of cleaning, though I do like having things neatly organized. “A place for everything, and everything in its place,” as the saying goes… even if I am the only one who understands the organization process.

I, like a good chunk of the internet population, am totally fascinated by Pinterest. I have recipes and crafty things and household tricks on several boards, but today my focus was on getting a few things straightened. My garage is a perpetually ongoing project; there are boxes in there whose contents have not seen the light of day since they were packed in 2006.

I may also be a bit of a pack rat.

Slowly, however, I’m going through them. Numerous trips to donation centers have been made, countless bags of papers have been shredded and recycled. A yard sale is in our not-too-distant future, most likely, and then I should be able to really dig in and finish up.

So today’s tiny little project was vacuuming (not as easy as it sounds, Charlotte is not thrilled with the vacuum and its noise) and getting The Bags in order. Most people have some way to control these; whether they are stacked in a corner or slowly filling a solitary bag to bursting.

I think we can all relate.

I use both of these methods. Or used, I should say. A few weeks ago I stumbled across (on Pinterest, of course) a blog called Fabulously Organized Home. I found her through a get-papers-filed pin, but today, bag organization was on my mind. And it was on hers a bit ago, too, because she went and thought of things that I really should have, but managed to avoid. Five minutes and $4.87 at Lowe’s is all it took to create a little corner of the garage designated for bag organization.

I mean, we already had the plastic bag holder. It was one of those things I put on the wedding registry and forgot about, and then when it was unwrapped I felt very clever and David just looked at me like I had lost my mind. Because really, who gets excited about a plastic bag holder?


Don’t judge me by my garage walls. We rent.

Apparently, the answer is me. I get excited about plastic bag holders. I did when we opened it up, and I did today. It was just the right touch of normalcy after yesterday. A bit of routine after the most un-routine day we have had in a very, very long time.


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