Observational Powers: fail

I’m not quite sure what it says about my powers of observation that I’ve only just now realized the theme I chose when I put this blog-thing together is not (as I believed) simple and minimalist, but rather a Winter theme.  Complete with snowflakes behind the dates and barren trees down at the bottom of the page.


While I figure out how to make this place look less… festive, really, I highly recommend going to read the blogs I just got around to putting up in a blogroll. They’re over there on the right. I’ll add several more later, but those are some written by people I respect/read/talk with/admire/follow writing suggestions/some combination of the aforementioned that popped into my head almost immediately.

Be nice.


Flash Fiction: Cliffhanger, Part I

Writing any sort of short story from a prompt is always challenging, but Chuck Wendig came up with a doozy: write a short story, but don’t finish it. Leave it a cliffhanger. Next week, someone will (hopefully, maybe?) pick it up and finish it, while I finish someone else’s start.

Until then, there’s this.

Counting Down


In sixteen minutes and fifty four seconds, she would be dead. Continue reading

A Brief Hello

I’ve had some of the most amazing and encouraging comments and emails on the last two pieces I’ve written. Thanks a lot, folks!

If you’ve started following from my Friday Fictioneers story or the flash fiction prompts from Chuck Wendig’s blog, awesome. Hi! This is a warning that it’s not all stories here; it is a personal blog first (hence the name) and – under the suggestion of a dear friend who shall remain nameless for now – may possibly have some book reviews posted at some point.

Or I could get really bored and just start reblogging lolcats constantly. We’ll see.

Anyhoodle. Welcome, put your feet up and stay a while!

Flash Fiction: A Difficult Funeral

Another week, another prompt from Chuck Wendig.  This  time the topic was Conflict, and I pulled #15: a difficult funeral.

It came in a bit short – 662 words, according to the word count on Open Office – but I like it.

A Difficult Funeral

“You ready?”

I looked up from my hands, folded neatly in my lap. I had been working on my posture in the car as we drove, pulling each vertebrae on top of one another like a wobbly toddler stacking blocks. My fingers carefully folded and refolded the hem of my skirt from the edge of my knee to half an inch too high. You’ll look like a little harlot if you wear a short skirt, Gran had grumbled, shaking her head as I left. I ignored her, like I always did.

“Yeah. I’m ready.” Continue reading