Observational Powers: fail

I’m not quite sure what it says about my powers of observation that I’ve only just now realized the theme I chose when I put this blog-thing together is not (as I believed) simple and minimalist, but rather a Winter theme.  Complete with snowflakes behind the dates and barren trees down at the bottom of the page.


While I figure out how to make this place look less… festive, really, I highly recommend going to read the blogs I just got around to putting up in a blogroll. They’re over there on the right. I’ll add several more later, but those are some written by people I respect/read/talk with/admire/follow writing suggestions/some combination of the aforementioned that popped into my head almost immediately.

Be nice.

Flash Fiction: Cliffhanger, Part I

Writing any sort of short story from a prompt is always challenging, but Chuck Wendig came up with a doozy: write a short story, but don’t finish it. Leave it a cliffhanger. Next week, someone will (hopefully, maybe?) pick it up and finish it, while I finish someone else’s start.

Until then, there’s this.

Counting Down


In sixteen minutes and fifty four seconds, she would be dead. Continue reading

A Brief Hello

I’ve had some of the most amazing and encouraging comments and emails on the last two pieces I’ve written. Thanks a lot, folks!

If you’ve started following from my Friday Fictioneers story or the flash fiction prompts from Chuck Wendig’s blog, awesome. Hi! This is a warning that it’s not all stories here; it is a personal blog first (hence the name) and – under the suggestion of a dear friend who shall remain nameless for now – may possibly have some book reviews posted at some point.

Or I could get really bored and just start reblogging lolcats constantly. We’ll see.

Anyhoodle. Welcome, put your feet up and stay a while!

Flash Fiction: A Difficult Funeral

Another week, another prompt from Chuck Wendig.  This  time the topic was Conflict, and I pulled #15: a difficult funeral.

It came in a bit short – 662 words, according to the word count on Open Office – but I like it.

A Difficult Funeral

“You ready?”

I looked up from my hands, folded neatly in my lap. I had been working on my posture in the car as we drove, pulling each vertebrae on top of one another like a wobbly toddler stacking blocks. My fingers carefully folded and refolded the hem of my skirt from the edge of my knee to half an inch too high. You’ll look like a little harlot if you wear a short skirt, Gran had grumbled, shaking her head as I left. I ignored her, like I always did.

“Yeah. I’m ready.” Continue reading

Flash Fiction: The Spire Clan

Horribly dull life lately, so it’s been quiet.

Here is this week’s flash fiction.  The prompt is again from Chuck Wendig, this time to write 1000-ish words about this awesome little thing.

Pretty cool, right?

738 words.

The Spire Clan


The lightning illuminated the sky, and Korin could see the spire rising like a prayer to the gods in the distance. She took a deep breath, pushing into the storm, her wings aching but still pounding furiously. Behind her, the last remaining members of her clan straggled and struggled to keep pace, battered by the heavy rain as it fell from the heavens.

They were almost there.

And it was almost time. Continue reading

Touching History

Today, I was helping out an elderly couple around their home, Dr. and Mrs. W. I do this a few times a week; they’re really lovely people with a hundred thousand stories between them. While I was up on a ladder changing a light bulb, I spotted a shelf full of antique books.

I should probably stop here and talk about my love of books. Reading and books are my first love, more than anything else. I have clear memories of sitting, captivated, on my father’s lap at maybe four years old, images of Smaug’s treasure and Bilbo Baggins’ escape dancing in my head as he read The Hobbit out loud. Reading and I have a long and sordid love affair, and I will happily lose myself in a book for hours on end.

Add to that my utter curiosity with historical ephemera – the tiny bits and pieces of life from a day long ago – and you can imagine how my eyes lit up when I saw the shelf.

“Go ahead and take a look!” Magic words to me. Continue reading

Flash Fiction: The Storm of the Century

Taken from Chuck Wendig‘s weekly flash fiction prompt with a September 6 deadline.

My RNG spit out #16 for the setting:  In a police department during an epic blizzard.

Comes in at 967 words.  I’m not fond of the ending, but that’s what rewrites are for.  Right?


The Storm of the Century


The door banged open, a heavily wrapped figure stumbling in on a howl of snow-driven wind.

“Storm’s kickin’ up out there, Cap!”

Captain Troy looked up from her desk with a grin. “This ain’t a storm, kid. Not where I’m from.” She reached out her hand, taking one of the coffees the man held toward her. “Pretty freakish weather for here though, right?” Continue reading