Friday Fictioneers – The Reunion

I found a new flash fiction prompt site this morning!  It sings to me, too: a full story based on a picture… in 100 words.  I can do this.

The prompt was found at Friday Fictioneers.

The Reunion

Photo copyright John Nixon

Iris stared through the thick glass. Time had been hard on him. Where once a handsome young man stood, proud in his pressed army uniform, was now an old man with a cane. She willed him to look at her.

The man turned, his jaw dropping slightly. Oh yes, he recognized her. Their time in the stockrooms together still meant something, even now. There was a ring on his wrinkled finger. It had been sixty years, after all.

He turned away, into the sun. Iris tried to reach for him, but her joints were stiff.

The bell over the door rang.


14 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Reunion

  1. Dear Jessica,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. This activity comes with an unwritten warning label. “Highly Addictive.” Nice take on the prompt. I look forward to reading more of you.



  2. Dear Jessica,

    Welcome to the party, pal.

    I loved your story. It was well written and packed with diamonds in the rough. Looking forward to reading more from you in the future.



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