Friday Fictioneers – Choose Your Own Adventure

A new picture prompt was posted today at Friday Fictioneers.  Who am I to say no?  Coming in at 100 words exactly.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Rich Voza -

Photo copyright Rich Voza

The glass shattered against the dusty ground as Diana threw her weight against the door frame. Blue chips of paint clung to her shirt like raindrops as she stared into freedom.

Did she dare?

Carefully, Diana climbed through the window’s hole, bare feet tingling against blades of sharp glass and soft grass. She couldn’t change what had happened; the blue door and everything behind it was in her past forever.

Diana’s toes curled in the dirt as she considered her options. She knew her adventure would continue through one of these doors.

With a step, she reached for the handle.


7 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Choose Your Own Adventure

  1. Nice one Jessica, she goes from glass, grass to dirt….But I do like the suspense you have injected.

  2. Dear Jessica,

    This sounds like a painful experience. Her feet must be pretty bloody by now. A little Alice in Wonderlandish. I wonder what she’ll find through the next door.



  3. Lots of action and power in this words, I am pulled right into the story and want to know what came before as well as what happens next – that’s a great job for 100 words!

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