Flash Fiction – Scratching

Chuck Wendig is still posting his awesome story prompts every week on his blog.  This round, he gave a list of 20 subgenres and told his readers to go find a random number generator to get their story started – and pick two numbers to mash together.

I rolled a 17: zombies.

And then I rolled another 17.

Oh, god.

Have I mentioned my absolute abject fear of zombies?  Not even kidding. Even not-really-zombie zombie movies like 28 Days Later leave me an absolute mess, and here I am having to write about zombies and more zombies. This is not what I wanted to do at all. A Lovecraft-FairyTale-SouthernGothic mix would have been a dozen times easier.

I am nothing, however, if not determined.

And I wrote it.  974 words worth of it.

And here it is.


The scratching had become louder over the last six hours. Continue reading

This is Halloween…


And this is Charlotte, dressed up as a Pteradon. I remember them as Pteradactyls, but apparently dinosaurs have changed a lot since I was a kid. I was highly disappointed in the number of houses that did not participate in the time-honored tradition of carving pumpkins and giving out wee candy bars. I firmly believe that the horrible Trunk or Treat phenomenon is ruining Halloween. That, however, is a totally separate rant for some other time.

This is the second year in a row that Charlotte has been a dinosaur for Halloween – last year there was a Triceratops costume – and I may have a bit of smug parent attitude that I’ve managed to keep her away from the “all princess, all the time” route so far. I’m sure that one will come back to bite me in the ass soon enough.

In just under four hours, I’ll be cracking open NaNoWriMo 2013.  There will be a word count tracker over in the sidebar somewhere, and if I come up with something superbly brilliant (don’t hold your breath) I’ll be sure to post a wee excerpt here. I’m still collecting donations for The Office of Letters and Light, the non-profit that organizes NaNoWriMo every year.

Now I’m going to go raid the candy bucket, dig out my copy of The Crow for some late-night viewing, and take some deep breaths. This is going to be a madhouse of a month.

The Night Will Be Dangerously Written

I’m still not going to fully believe it until I have my RSVP confirmation in my hands, but as of about an hour ago it looks like I’m going to be going to this year’s Night of Writing Dangerously.

Thank you to those who donated.  I cried big fat tears of joy and scared Charlotte – she hates seeing me cry.

If you are still interested in making a (tax-deductible!) donation to The Office of Letters and Light, an amazing charity which organizes creative writing events for youth and adults (including NaNoWriMo!), my page is still open. I’ve raised my donation goal because why not? The only way to go from here is up.

Again.  Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

NaNoWriMo: It’s On

I’ve been talking about writing a book for pretty much ever.  Since high school, at least, if not before.

I’ve finally decided to grab the girls, take the plunge, and actually do it.

I created my NaNoWriMo account last night.

The flash fiction challenges put up that I’ve completed are what have spurred me to actually making the commitment this year.  I’ll be expanding and exploring Anise’s world; the one that was peeked on in Counting Down.

It’ll be… fun? An experience? Both?

We’ll go with both.

I’m also fundraising to try and get to The Night of Writing Dangerously, which is invite-only for the first 250 people who raise $250 (or more!) for The Office of Letters and Light (which is itself an amazing non-profit.)  Any help would be appreciated like you wouldn’t believe.

Flash Fiction Followup: Cliffhanger, Part I

A few weeks back, I wrote a short piece that ended in a cliffhanger, following one of Chuck Wendig’s always-brilliant prompts.  I wasn’t expecting anyone to pick it up and finish it, but it was fun.

And someone did pick it up.

Please, take a moment to go read The Voice of Anise by Josh Loomis.  It went in a direction that I never saw coming, and I think he did a fantastic job.

Life happens

Charlotte had her followup from the infection of her pilonidal dimple in August earlier this week.

After the infection cleared, she wasn’t exhibiting any more problems either visually or verbally, so we asked if it would be okay if we waited until the flu vaccine was available to go back in (in addition to the fact that I was still crystalline with anger over the doctor’s attitude). It was fine. She was fine, is fine, will be fine. And the usual nurse practitioner who has seen her since she was six months old is still there, and thrilled at how much she’s thriving.

But there’s nothing that can be done about her dimple. No corrective surgery, no treatment. Nothing. Continue reading