Friday Fictioneers – The Trip Home

Easing my way back out of Anise’s world for a bit with some Friday Fictioneers.  Wordpress says it’s 98 words, Open Office claims 100.  Either way; enjoy!

The Trip Home




The sea rolled the ferry gently as it approached the shore. Tiny fish popped to the surface, mouthing greetings to the windows before disappearing below the water again. Somewhere in the distance, a gull cawed, crying out to an unanswering mate.

I stared down at the jumble in front of me. My lone ferrymate had left, going upstairs to watch the mooring process. A puzzle piece slid into place on the table under my fingers.

Maybe this year would be different.

I looked up at a crewman as he passed, nodding at me with a smile.

“Merry Christmas, ma’am.”


9 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Trip Home

  1. I think the next year will be better. I like the imagery of the puzzle pieces fitting together, the fish, and the seagulls. A very atmospheric piece.

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