2013: ‘K, Bye.

I had plans, you see.

I was going to have all these beautiful short stories, and maybe snippets from BookThing and pictures of Holiday Cheer And Goodwill And Festivities.

This blog was going to rock the month of December, ending this mediocre year in style.

2013 had other plans.

My chosen-sister’s beautiful daughter Lily died… at five days old. No reason can be determined. CPS took her other children “pending investigation” and sent them to their grandparents (out of state) eight days before Christmas.  They are still away from her. She is trying desperately to get the money together to bring her daughter’s ashes home.

A very dear friend’s brother in law killed himself the same day. He left behind no note, no reason, and three states’ worth of lost, heartbroken family and friends.

My own depression came back full-force and double-barreled, giving everything in my life the same dull blur you see when staring through frost covered windows. I’m still searching for a doctor to get back on medication.

December started well below freezing, and my utter inability to deal well with temperatures below what most people would consider merely a bit brisk set my teeth on edge and made the bones in my legs hurt.

Charlotte has some new health issues that I’m still trying to wrap my head around, because they are possibly quite life-altering.

And the calendar had the nerve to tell me I turned 35.

So really, all in all, the mediocre year turned into a mess, and 2013 can fuck off directly to the left.

2014 has promise.

A new page.

A fresh start.

I’ll be doing a Poem-A-Day in the month of January, through a session that David’s aunt is leading.

I’ll start back up again with Friday Fictioneers and Chuck Wendig‘s always brilliant Flash Fiction prompts.

I want to do one book review a month, so that means I have an excuse – like I need one – to actually read books.  All the books.

All of them.

Plus.  Y’know.  Life stuff. Charlotte being amazing. Me knitting. Etc.

Let’s crack the spine on the book of this bad boy.

Bring it on.


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