For Fay.

Her name was Scarlet.

I didn’t know that until today. I always knew her as Fayrah. She was a friend on World of Warcraft; one I’d lost touch with when I stopped playing so much. She was one of the sweetest people I talked with in that group, and I wish I had kept in contact with her.

She killed herself earlier this week. Continue reading

Pinterest Project – Rice Bag Monster

As mentioned (threatened?) before, Katie from Modern Mommy and I are doing joint Pinterest projects every week or so.  We found one to agree on, and I broke out the sewing machine for the first time in… well… a really long time. Even though I’ve had this particular machine for nearly ten years, I don’t think I had ever actually used it before today.  Clearly, that’s been fixed.


It’s a good thing I’m cute.

The first project tackled was a microwaveable muscle relaxer bag, in the shape of a cutesy little monster, from over at Tally’s Treasury.  A quick trip to the fabric store (thanks for the gift card, mom-in-law!) and I was set with fabric, felt, thread and a crafty sensation deep in my gut.

…or maybe that was the peppers in my breakfast.  I don’t know. Continue reading

Poem-a-Day – January 1 – The Summer of Seven

The prompt was simply “Seven.” Could be seven lines, seven words, seven stanzas, something that happened when you were seven, seven repeats… just seven.

The Summer of Seven

I was a child of seven
And I was invincible
On the pink and white bicycle.
Short-covered legs blistering
Against the plastic of
The pink banana seat,
Looking down the hill. Continue reading