Poem-a-Day – January 3 – The Spice of Life

Today’s prompt: write about your favorite condiment, seasoning, or spice.

The Spice of Life

The first time, you’re taken unaware.
It is dancers spinning across the floor,
Skirts whirling, boots thumping.
Cold one second, and then
A firework of sparkle, dancing
In and out of consciousness.

A deep breath draws in as the heat grows,
Flush rising up your neck and into
Pinkening cheeks as you look down,

And you realize.
You like it.

Another breath is drawn and
The sensations start again.
A dizzying madness in your mind,
Whirling you around and around
Until you gasp for air,
Helpless it its grasp.

A beat is skipped, then another.
The breath is released,
The one you hadn’t realized
Had been caught tight in your throat,
And you smile.

“What is this?” you ask,
Wanting the experience again,
And soon.

The answer comes
In the form of a smile,
And a slip of paper, slid
Into your outstretched hand.

You turn it over,
Smiling as you read.

Oh yes.
You will remember this.

House of Curry
Open Seven Days a Week


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