Sidelined by Sneezing.

I would really like this horrible head cold from hell to go away.

While sleeping for 12 hours (seriously, I was in bed at 8pm last night – earlier than Charlotte!) is lovely and luxurious, I have things I Need To Do.

Like catch up on Poem-a-Day.

And a Friday Fictioneers story.

And craft and cook.  Though this is more of a Fun Thing, it’s still important.  The ever-lovely Katie from Modern Mommy posted her list of resolutions, and one of them was “Make one thing from Pinterest a week”.  Considering I have more than one crafty pinning board, and an almost-four year old who loves helping any way she can, I can foresee this being a super-amazing thing.

So it will happen. I’m trying to talk Katie into joining up with me so we can do the weekly Pinterest craft together.  Her ultimately adorable little boy is at the age where Fun Times can begin to occur craftwise, as well, so a craft a week, one on each side of the Atlantic, could be epic fun times.  Right?


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