Pinterest Project – Rice Bag Monster

As mentioned (threatened?) before, Katie from Modern Mommy and I are doing joint Pinterest projects every week or so.  We found one to agree on, and I broke out the sewing machine for the first time in… well… a really long time. Even though I’ve had this particular machine for nearly ten years, I don’t think I had ever actually used it before today.  Clearly, that’s been fixed.


It’s a good thing I’m cute.

The first project tackled was a microwaveable muscle relaxer bag, in the shape of a cutesy little monster, from over at Tally’s Treasury.  A quick trip to the fabric store (thanks for the gift card, mom-in-law!) and I was set with fabric, felt, thread and a crafty sensation deep in my gut.

…or maybe that was the peppers in my breakfast.  I don’t know.


Look how harmless it all looks. Ignore my carpet.

So I set off with the grandest of plans to create a wonderful little monster-y guy to stuff with a microwavable bag of warmth for cuddling and easing aches and pains and all sorts of kind, caring, motherly thoughts.

I forgot two things.

First, I forgot how easily frustrated I get when crafting.  Which is sad, considering that no more than 48 hours ago I was wondering how flammable yarn was when drenched with wine.  IN MY DEFENSE, I had made an error in my knitting.  For the third time.  In the same row.

It may have been the wine.

Nevertheless! I soldiered forward and got my sewing machine all set up (that took two hours.  Two. Full. Hours. I used all of Charlotte’s naptime to set the damn thing up, and that’s probably for the best considering how, um. Salty. We’ll use salty for my language descriptor. It was for the best considering how salty my language became while fighting with the bobbin case.


Doesn’t it look innocent and lovely? LIES. ALL OF IT.

I was finally all settled in, bobbins threaded, fabric in hand and ready, Charlotte half-asleep on the couch with a graham cracker in hand, staring blearily at a DVR’ed episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  And the sewing began.

The first steps were easy.  Why wouldn’t they be? It was just creating a simple seam down on the edges.  I was lulled into a false sense of security.

The second thing I forgot?  Never get lulled into a false sense of security when crafting.  It will only end in tears.

That’s when the first bobbin thread snapped. And then another. And then the bobbin ran out of thread. Then the main thread snapped. I may have had a problem with my tension.

(Okay, I totally had a problem with my tension.)

We were fine, though! Absolutely fine!  I grit my teeth and rethreaded and re-bobbin-ized and kept on sewing.

And then the needle on my machine broke.

I walked away for a few hours then. The temptation to go full Office Space on the Machine was far, far too great.


You’re lucky I need you, machine.

After dinner and story time with Charlotte, I was calm enough to try and replace the needle.  And replace it I did, and sewing was a go again. Hooray!

The rest of the project went absolutely swimmingly. I ran out of bobbin thread (again) at the exact spot I wanted to end the seam anyway, so it was easy to pull it free and be on my merry way with the filling and the hand stitching. And overall, this was a fun little project to do.

I have a friend whose 2014 is starting out less than stellar, so I may make a few more of these to stick in a box and send out for much-deserved smiles.  I’ll just have the appropriate extra supplies needed already on hand.  You know.  Like wine.  Lots of wine.

I'm lucky I'm cute.

LOTS of wine.


One thought on “Pinterest Project – Rice Bag Monster

  1. Oh dear, your tales of sewing machine inspired anger cracked me up (and had me nodding sympathetically at the same time)! When I first started sewing I nearly threw my machine out the window over trying to make pillow cases. Pillow cases! How easy should those be – they’re just big rectangles! But I swear it gets easier with practice. And some grease to help coax your machine into submission. Or maybe a sledgehammer. Sometimes just a new machine altogether (they all have attitude problems though, all of them).

    Anyway, I’m delighted that you found my wheat bag monster project, and I think your little guy turned out just beautifully.

    Also, I greatly appreciate your attitude towards wine. Lots of wine. Loved the post. 🙂

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