Flash Fiction – My Boy Builds Coffins

I haven’t done one of Chuck Wendig‘s flash fiction prompts in months. Which is a shame, really; they’re always achingly clever and I should go back and do them for funsies at some point. This week I decided that yes, yes, I really must write. The topic: take a random song title, whichever iTunes or whatever spits out, and use that as the title of your story.  1000 words or less.

I could do that!

The first song I heard was My Boy Builds Coffins by Florence & The Machine.

…okay, then.

My Boy Builds Coffins

I sent you a letter last week, dear cousin, telling you about how I was going riding with my brothers. I have been waiting to hear from you to write again, but I cannot wait any longer. Continue reading

Brief Book Review – Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig

Blackbirds is the first in a series by author Chuck Wendig. Set against a familiar backdrop of early 21st century life, the foul-mouthed Miriam Black has a gruesome gift: one touch against a person’s bare skin allows her to see how and when they will die – always in exacting detail. She travels around the southern United States, occasionally pausing to watch people die, but all is thrown into a frenzied state of unfamiliarity when she meets Louis. His death will be in a month: brutally murdered – as he calls her name.

The plot of Blackbirds grabs you from the very first chapter, and refuses to let go as you are pulled through a darkly violent world of death and fear. This is a very good thing. Continue reading

Friday Fictioneers – Warning Signs

Last week’s entry to Friday Fictioneers was a few days late, so I’m making up for it this week by posting a day early. Makes sense, right?

The recent weird weather across the country and around the world has had me thinking a bit about how nature shows warning signs before disasters occur.  Tides receding before tsunamis, bulges forming before volcanoes blow, that sort of thing.

Add those thoughts to the picture, and you get this.

Warning Signs


Copyright David Stewart

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