Friday Fictioneers – Generational Wanderlust

Easing my way back into a semblance of normalcy, I’ve started writing small things again. Here’s a bit of Friday Fictioneers for you.

Generational Wanderlust

Copyright Dloverling

Copyright Dloverling

“It looks like snowflakes.”

I looked down at my daughter. Her eyes were locked on the ribbons overhead, fluttering in the warm summer breeze. The delight on her face was apparent; there was nothing like this in our tiny town, sleeping in hills 5000 miles away.

“Are you having a good time, my sweet?”

She nodded wordlessly, taking the colors and sights of the festival. I couldn’t help but smile at her excitement; her face screamed what I felt. My hand tightened around hers as I looked up, too.

“Then let’s go have an adventure.”

…and we did.


21 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Generational Wanderlust

    • This was actually inspired by a morning of yard sale shopping with my own daughter. Little moments can sometimes make the best stories, in my opinion.

  1. always a treat to see excitement through a youngster’s perspective. i enjoyed this lovely relationship between your characters.

  2. Dear Jessica,

    A sweet tale. How nice for mother and daughter to have an adventure. I used to love to have special days with my sons individually, although we never traveled 5,000 miles. 😉

    One little note. The child’s face screaming kind of took me out. Seems inconsistent with the rest of the story and that you could find a “happier” word. Screaming makes me think of panic or fear.
    Just a suggestion for what it’s worth.

    Aside from that I enjoyed your story.



    • I didn’t even think about screaming being used in terror! I was drawing heavily from my mornings with my daughter, who has three volume settings: asleep, screaming, and ear-shattering. Oh, to be four again….

      • You might consider “squeal”. Has about the same pitch but is much happier than “scream.” 😉 I remember four. I had three sons so it wasn’t quite the same. Girls tend to be more shrill.

  3. What a heart warming story of a mother-daughter bond-loved how you brought the uninhibited exuberance of a child to the fore-wonderfully written:-)

  4. A great story about a mother and child bonding while attending a festival. The mother is probably remembering her own childhood and wants her daughter to experience the same wonderful things. She’s traveled a great distance to give her daughter this experience. A lovely story and well done.

  5. Five thousand miles – they’re a very long way from home! I may be reading too much into the story, but it felt to me as if, somehow, they couldn’t go home or, at least, the mother doesn’t expect to go home. An interesting story.

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