Friday Fictioneers – Hiding in Plain Sight

Friday Fictioneers time! No witty repartee beforehand this round, I’ve had a long week.

 Hiding in Plain Sight

copyright Douglas M MacIlroy

copyright Douglas M MacIlroy

Everyone can hide, y’know? Just disappear while you’re staring straight at ’em.

The Sullivan sisters? They bury themselves under cushions; their legs tangle around each other, twisting into roots of an old oak as it pushes through the foundation of a busted-down house.

And Mike over there. You see him, yeah? The skinny guy in the blue shirt? He turns into a deep sea diver with that helmet of his. He’ll swim away any second now, just you wait and see.

As for me, well.

I ain’t standing next to you any more, now, am I?


12 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Hiding in Plain Sight

  1. Jessica, I like your descriptions of the girls wrapping around each other like roots. 🙂 Disappearing at will would be a great skill, I need to work on my ninja skills.

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