Brief Book Review – Get On by Regina Cole

Get On is the latest release from erotic novelist Regina Cole. Set against a backdrop of modern-day Atlanta, this quick read follows the life of Mia Bartholomew, a professional piercing artist who finds herself hanging on – quite literally – to ex-cop Garrett Long. Their chance meeting puts their lives on a crash course with each other, and the fast-paced action is full of suspense – and steamy sex.

If you’re looking for the next Great American Novel, you won’t find it in Get On. What you will find, however, is a fun, frisky read that never loses steam. As their lives intertwine around Garrett’s overwhelming desire for both Mia and revenge, the action ramps up in and out of the bedroom.

The story itself is easy to follow without being simplistic. Mia is a professional piercer, in town for a convention. Garrett is an ex-cop, hellbent on getting revenge against the Atlanta crime lord who killed his girlfriend. They meet at an after-hours street race, and Garrett’s first shining moment of chivalry – complete with a purring Harley Davidson in place of the white horse – sets off a chain reaction of events as fast and furious as the motorcycle itself. By the time you reach the final climax of the story, your heart will be racing as the final pieces fall into place.

As Get On is an erotic romance, you can go in expecting steamy sex scenes – and you won’t be disappointed. Be sure to have an icy drink handy while reading to cool yourself, because nothing is taboo. However, the absolute hottest thing is the communication between Mia and Garrett. So often, consent in erotica either overlooked, glossed over, or seen as stodgy or mood-killing. Cole makes it hot, and (unlike many dialogue exchanges in sex scenes) it doesn’t feel forced or added in as an afterthought.

While Cole’s writing is strong, there are some parts of Get On that, while not detracting from the story at large, seemed either forced or glossed over. The most notable is Mia’s heritage. She is described as being “Latina”, but there is little expansion past a rather ordinary description and the referral to her abuela (grandmother in Spanish). Even during recalled conversations, there are none of the small colloquialisms that would refer back to her heritage.

Another point that didn’t detract but did distract was the near overuse of today’s brands and technological terms. While Cole does paint a pretty picture, it’s a very strong snapshot of today, and may seem dated to the reader sooner rather than later.

With the constant sexual tension between Mia and Garrett adding to the suspense of the search for the crime lord, Cole’s book is a page turner that will leave you breathless in more ways than one. The problems within are minor at worst and won’t take away from any enjoyment you’ll find. Get On makes no claims of being anything but a fun erotic romance, and it lives up to that claim every step of the way.

(Full disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.)   


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