So hey, did you read my story Worth Living For?

The folks over at The Speakeasy thought it was good enough to place third in weekly contest #158! For real, no foolin’. I think the last time I won something for my writing was in fifth grade.  (That was a good mrflmrfl years ago.)  I’m all tingly with excitement!

Be sure to read the other winners, AZ Gringa, Lance, and Laith.

Thanks so much, Speakeasy voters!


6 thoughts on “Woah.

  1. I totally voted for you. I thought for sure you’d take first. Your story was a-maz-ing! I absolutely adored it. And as the new Tipsy Lit Ambassador at tipsylit.com I hope I can tempt you to head over there and maybe write some more, because I’m greedy like that. 😉

    • True story, I’ve been following Tipsy Lit for a while. Just haven’t quite figured out submission guidelines so I haven’t written anything for them.

      Yet. 🙂

      • I will figure it out for you. Oh, yes. I will. Because I think you’re freaking brilliant.

        I’ll have something for you within the next hour or so. I’d have it sooner, but I’m still finding my way around.

      • Are you ok with me talking you up to Ericka? I have already mentioned you, but I can give her more details if you are comfortable with me doing that. I definitely do NOT want to put you on the spot, though.

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