Friday Fictioneers – An Invitation

Look! I’m actually posting twice in a month! And on the right day today! Go, me.


An Invitation

Copyright Kent Bonham

Copyright Kent Bonham

“Are you sure this will work?”

Jean-Pierre grinned, nail held tightly in his teeth, and nodded. “Oui, ma chere. Garlic keeps them away.” Moira frowned. “I always thought it was crucifixes.”

Of course, she had thought vampires weren’t real, too.

Jean-Pierre laughed, hopping from the chair. Garlic dangled over the doorframe. “Now the only way a vampires can get in will be une invitation. You have to invite one in, yes?” Moira nodded, then smiled. “Safe. You want some wine?”

Jean-Pierre grinned, ducking inside at the invitation. He didn’t see her fangs curling down over her lips as the door closed.


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