Making Good on Goals


I said back in July that I was possibly getting myself on some sort of blogging schedule.

This post is proof positive of that goal. I’ve been working with Katie over at Modern Mommy to set up her own blogging schedule before her new baby decides to make an appearance; my own little piece of the internet began to look pretty shabby in the process.

So. Theoretically, of course. I have a new set schedule for writing, blogging, and all the other such things you may or may not find on WordPress.

MONDAYS will be anything that’s happened over the weekend. This will most likely be short fiction, and most likely from Chuck Wendig’s prompts, but if something big comes up life or otherwise it’ll show up here.

WEDNESDAYS will be actual blogging content.  Shockingly, I have Opinions on things and I tend to like to share them (as anyone who follows my twitter feed has likely seen). It could be a heavy diatribe on the state of the world as I see it. Or it could just be cute pictures of Charlotte and my cat.  It’s a loose goal.

FRIDAYS will forever be for Friday Fictioneers.  Because it’s Friday Fictioneers.

There may or may not be posts during the rest of the week, but I doubt it.



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