Friday Fictioneers – The Last Days of Summer

Ever have one of those weeks where everything gets away from you, no matter how carefully you have it all planned?

That’s what happened to Wednesday’s blog.

But in super-awesome news: everyone send congratulations to Katie over at Modern Mommy on the arrival of her beautiful baby girl, Savannah!

Let’s get to the story, shall we?

The Last Days of Summer

copyright Jennifer Pendergrast

copyright Jennifer Pendergrast

I was fourteen the last year Camp Agenoria was open. The late-autumn forest fire tore through the cabins and the canoes we had so carefully built that summer, the flames leaving nothing but piles of cinder and soot in its wake.

Even now, some thirty years later, I can hear the waves lapping at the shore. The smell of paint on the canoes still fills my nose on hot summer afternoons. And late at night, with glass of wine in hand and feet up in my garden, I can hear the songs sung round the campfire quietly in the distance.

Agenoria: Roman goddess of activity

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