Friday Fictioneers – The Gates

Yes, I know, it’s Monday and I’m just barely posting Friday Fictioneers now. Remember how I talked about that trouble meeting goals thing?  I’m working on it. It’s a process. Plus I was Very Busy all weekend. (No, for real. I’ll tell you more on Wednesday).

To say I’m a wee tiny bit behind on my life is an understatement of the highest degree. I’m off to catch up with that a bit more now (at 10:30PM at night.)

The Gates

copyright David Stewart

copyright David Stewart

Most people figured that after Mrs. Anders lost her husband and her son in the war, she moved back to Iowa to live with her sister. After all, the gates went up around the house then, and they were always locked tight. No one ever went in or out.

Kids from the high school dared each other to jump the fence, saying that someone still lived in there. A few even camped on the porch on Halloween one year, before the police chased them off.

Eventually, people stopped peeking through the gates.

That’s why no one saw who opened them.


5 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Gates

  1. Dear Jessica,

    Better late than never. 😉 Life has a way of taking over sometimes. Be gentle with yourself.

    A rather ominous ending to your story. Nice description and construction.



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