A New Year

Turning the page on a new calendar is always somewhat monumental for me.

A new year. Like a blank page, stretching out in front of me, waiting for my mark to be made.

All I have to do is pick up my pen…


…and write.


I have adventures coming up.

The passport-requiring sort.

But first… I will write.

For Liberty

I thought about doing a pithy something or other for today’s post, but I just couldn’t.

My friend’s daughter Liberty is very sick.

She only just turned five at the end of August.

Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma is even scarier than it sounds. It’s a pediatric cancer – a rare one at that – in which a tumor grows around the base of the brain stem.

Without radiation treatment, Liberty has six months.  The prognosis with radiation extends her time out to an additional two years.

She only just turned five.

Liberty’s first radiation treatment is Tuesday. In support, we are all wearing red.  Or something with Hello Kitty.  Or both, if possible.

Consider supporting her, too. She needs all the support she can get.

Love for Liberty Facebook Group

Family Indiegogo Support Page

For Fay.

Her name was Scarlet.

I didn’t know that until today. I always knew her as Fayrah. She was a friend on World of Warcraft; one I’d lost touch with when I stopped playing so much. She was one of the sweetest people I talked with in that group, and I wish I had kept in contact with her.

She killed herself earlier this week. Continue reading

Pinterest Project – Rice Bag Monster

As mentioned (threatened?) before, Katie from Modern Mommy and I are doing joint Pinterest projects every week or so.  We found one to agree on, and I broke out the sewing machine for the first time in… well… a really long time. Even though I’ve had this particular machine for nearly ten years, I don’t think I had ever actually used it before today.  Clearly, that’s been fixed.


It’s a good thing I’m cute.

The first project tackled was a microwaveable muscle relaxer bag, in the shape of a cutesy little monster, from over at Tally’s Treasury.  A quick trip to the fabric store (thanks for the gift card, mom-in-law!) and I was set with fabric, felt, thread and a crafty sensation deep in my gut.

…or maybe that was the peppers in my breakfast.  I don’t know. Continue reading

The Parting of Ways

This has been hard for me to sit down and write, though it’s been weighing on my mind quite a bit since it happened – since before it happened, really, as it was not exactly an overnight occurrence.

We all have people in our lives who are as close, if not closer, than family. Though there is no relation, either through blood or through marriage, these friends are the sort that you would do just about anything for. The kind that could call you at three in the morning in tears, and you would help. The ones you expect to be there forever.

I had a friend like this. Continue reading