A Brief Hello

I’ve had some of the most amazing and encouraging comments and emails on the last two pieces I’ve written. Thanks a lot, folks!

If you’ve started following from my Friday Fictioneers story or the flash fiction prompts from Chuck Wendig’s blog, awesome. Hi! This is a warning that it’s not all stories here; it is a personal blog first (hence the name) and – under the suggestion of a dear friend who shall remain nameless for now – may possibly have some book reviews posted at some point.

Or I could get really bored and just start reblogging lolcats constantly. We’ll see.

Anyhoodle. Welcome, put your feet up and stay a while!

An Introduction of Sorts

I find myself writing this with no audience in mind. I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting a crafty/mommy/political/what have you blog for a year or so; there are a few failed attempts to launch scattered around the web that I need to delete to prove it.

So the question is, why bother writing a blog when you’re not writing for an audience?

The answer, dear reader who may or may not exist, is simple:

Because writing is an outlet. Continue reading