Brief Book Review – Get On by Regina Cole

Get On is the latest release from erotic novelist Regina Cole. Set against a backdrop of modern-day Atlanta, this quick read follows the life of Mia Bartholomew, a professional piercing artist who finds herself hanging on – quite literally – to ex-cop Garrett Long. Their chance meeting puts their lives on a crash course with each other, and the fast-paced action is full of suspense – and steamy sex.

If you’re looking for the next Great American Novel, you won’t find it in Get On. What you will find, however, is a fun, frisky read that never loses steam. Continue reading

Brief Book Review – Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig

Blackbirds is the first in a series by author Chuck Wendig. Set against a familiar backdrop of early 21st century life, the foul-mouthed Miriam Black has a gruesome gift: one touch against a person’s bare skin allows her to see how and when they will die – always in exacting detail. She travels around the southern United States, occasionally pausing to watch people die, but all is thrown into a frenzied state of unfamiliarity when she meets Louis. His death will be in a month: brutally murdered – as he calls her name.

The plot of Blackbirds grabs you from the very first chapter, and refuses to let go as you are pulled through a darkly violent world of death and fear. This is a very good thing. Continue reading

Brief Book Review – Winter Solstice Winter by E.J. Squires

Winter Solstice Winter by E.J. Squires has the potential to be something very great. The basic premise is intriguing: set against the threat of a perpetual Norse winter, three people must fight against an immortal Empress, Viking hordes, and mythological troublemakers to return the changing seasons to the land. Drop in an unraveling lifetime built on a carefully crafted web of lies and a surprise twist of a love triangle, and the book is ripe for drama and intrigue with each page.

Unfortunately, much of the promise of the book is bogged down in its execution. Continue reading