Speakeasy #159 – Hunting at Night

Hunting at Night

The night of the council meeting, all the children in the village were sent to bed early. I was no exception, but I stayed awake, tumbling out of the house and into the fields as the sun sent honey-colored rays to stretch shadows across the town while the grownups disappeared into the night. Children caused too much ruckus playing in the hall foyer, so they all had to stay home. Or so mama said.

All the adults went into the meeting hall and I went into the woods. I wasn’t supposed to go there, but something about this night felt different. Continue reading

Friday Fictioneers – Sangria

A very long weekend that started Friday morning (I need a vacation after this one) means this week’s Friday Fictioneers is only coming today, on Sunday evening.

Better late than never, etc.  Enjoy!



photo copyright Björn Rudberg

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So hey, did you read my story Worth Living For?

The folks over at The Speakeasy thought it was good enough to place third in weekly contest #158! For real, no foolin’. I think the last time I won something for my writing was in fifth grade.  (That was a good mrflmrfl years ago.)  I’m all tingly with excitement!

Be sure to read the other winners, AZ Gringa, Lance, and Laith.

Thanks so much, Speakeasy voters!

Flash Fiction – Wildfire

Chuck Wendig is always coming up with flash fiction ideas, and that’s awesome. Last week he had everyone submit an opening line, and this week? Pick one and run with it.   Rad.  I chose Nate Harada‘s, and the following is what happened.


My grandmother once told me that the first and deepest emotion of all men is fear. It took me a while to understand. Through high school, I thought she was full of shit. Boys with their pants around their ankles, hands shoved down their y-fronts or fumbling with their boxer flaps showed more drive from lust than anything else.

The night Tyler and I met the fire changed everything.

We never did hear how the fire started; most likely a cigarette flicked out the window of a car. Summer was dry as dust that year, and the tiniest spark would grab a hold of the hillside like a starving dog with a steak. When the sirens started, we figured the station at the bottom of the twisting road would take care of it.

They didn’t. Continue reading

The Speakeasy #158 – Worth Living For

Worth Living For

The first time Ruby ran away, she nearly made it across the river. Her brothers found her at the crossing, tucked among the donkeys and people and overstuffed bags, and carried her home, Ruby kicking and screaming all the way. She was three months shy of thirteen years old, and had no desire to grow up to be a wife.

Despite her protests, the wedding happened that summer.

The next time Ruby ran away, they didn’t find her. Continue reading

Brief Book Review – Get On by Regina Cole

Get On is the latest release from erotic novelist Regina Cole. Set against a backdrop of modern-day Atlanta, this quick read follows the life of Mia Bartholomew, a professional piercing artist who finds herself hanging on – quite literally – to ex-cop Garrett Long. Their chance meeting puts their lives on a crash course with each other, and the fast-paced action is full of suspense – and steamy sex.

If you’re looking for the next Great American Novel, you won’t find it in Get On. What you will find, however, is a fun, frisky read that never loses steam. Continue reading