Speakeasy #163 – Transitory


The way he touched her
Made her feel like she glowed,
Observable from orbit like
An earth-bound star.

The way he sipped his coffee
While staring at her as though
She were a rare treasure,
Plucked from obscurity.

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Poem-a-Day – January 3 – The Spice of Life

Today’s prompt: write about your favorite condiment, seasoning, or spice.

The Spice of Life

The first time, you’re taken unaware.
It is dancers spinning across the floor,
Skirts whirling, boots thumping.
Cold one second, and then
A firework of sparkle, dancing
In and out of consciousness. Continue reading

Poem-a-Day – January 1 – The Summer of Seven

The prompt was simply “Seven.” Could be seven lines, seven words, seven stanzas, something that happened when you were seven, seven repeats… just seven.

The Summer of Seven

I was a child of seven
And I was invincible
On the pink and white bicycle.
Short-covered legs blistering
Against the plastic of
The pink banana seat,
Looking down the hill. Continue reading